Breast reduction, also called reduction mamaplasty is designed to relieve the physical discomfort often associated with very large breast and enhance the overall appereance of your breast. Women with large breast can have symptoms that includes: neck and back pain, rash, painful bra strap marks, tummy tuck ,irritation of skin under the breast, difficulty fitting into clothes. Tingling in the hands and in younger girls difficulty adjusting socially.

Breast reduction reduces the size and reshapes the contour of large breast by removing excess breast skin and underlying tissue. It may includes reduce the size of the areola , which frequently becomes enlarge as breast develops.

BREAST REDUCTION - before and after


Over the time, the incisions were made horizontally and vertically following the natural contour of the breast, but part of the scar ( mainly the horizontal ) were problematic. Dr Dr. Medicine is practicing a short scar technique that reduces the amount of scarring and greatly improves postoperative aesthetics of the breast.

Breast reduction is one of the most common procedures performed on the breast. The symptoms are nearly completely eliminated with the operation. As a whole, patient who undergo breast reduction are the happiest patients we see in plastic surgery.

This surgery is performed using general anaesthetic and in most cases, you will need to stay at the hospital overnight.

For this procedure, Dr. makes the incision around the circle of the areola and then extends it downwards while following the natural curve of the breast. Once the incisions are made successfully, the doctor proceeds with the removal of skin, glandular tissue and fat; liposuction may be used to remove surplus fat from the armpits for a more aesthetic result.

 giving it its new curve

When this removal of tissue is done, the skin of the breasts is then brought down and the reshaping of the breast begins, giving it its new curve. The nipples and areolas are then moved upwards. The nipples remain connected to their nerves and blood vessels most of the time

Once this is done, Dr. proceeds to stitch the incisions (usually around the areola) in a vertical line. The whole procedure usually takes from 3 to 5 hours. Following the operation, the doctor will wrap your breasts in an elastic bandage or will give a surgical bra.

After a breast reduction, Dr. usually recommends a recovery period of at least 12 days that you will have to spend in Costa Rica. Take into account that the time you spend in the country can be expanded to your needs especially if you wish to go on a little vacation before having surgical treatment performed and take the opportunity to see some of our natural wonders.

The price of a breast reduction surgery varies from patient to patient thus, an initial consultation with essential before deciding if you will benefit from this treatment.

  • Length of the procedure: 3 hrs
  • Type of anesthesia: general
  • Clinic Staying: 6 to 8 hrs
  • Postoperative stay in Costa Rica: 12 to 15 days.

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