Buttock augmentation can be obtained with several procedures depending on the patient. Autologous fat injections which take fat from one body part to add volume to another is a way to perform buttock augmentation. Donor sites may include the abdomen, hip, back or thighs. Fat cells are removed via liposuction and then injected in “layers” in the buttocks. A disadvantage of this technique is that it difficult to predict how much fat will be re-absorbed by the body; because of this, multiple procedures may be necessary.

Usually, this plastic surgery is performed under general anesthesia. By determining the ‘fat donor regions’ with anticipation, Doctor will proceed to remove the fat through low-vacuum liposuction. Depending on your needs, the amount of fat needed to augment your buttocks varies.

Average buttock augmentation procedures need about 250-350 cc’s of fat for each side. In actual fact, this is a good amount of fat so this surgery is not recommended for really thin people.

Once the fat had been removed, it is purified and carefully processed, thus, only a small part of the removed fat will qualify for transplantation. This means that fat will have to be removed from 2 or more areas of your body, predetermined by Dr.

BUTTOCK AUGMENTATION - before and after

Via implants

Buttock augmentation implants are another alternative to reshaping your buttocks. This procedure is often performed by making an incision in the fold between the buttock “cheeks” and inserting a solid silicone implant into the pocket in an intra-muscula fashion between the buttocks muscle; this space has proven to be the more secure for placement of the implant.

Full-body anesthesia is used in this type of procedure and generally takes from 1 to 2 hours to be performed. The approximate area where the implant will be inserted is marked by Doctor and incisions are usually made in the inter-gluteal fold. Incisions are performed carefully between the gluteus maximus and the gluteus medios so as to avoid the sciatic nerve.

In buttock enhancement, the patient usually seeks a harmonious, continous, S-shaped curved buttock which is wider at the ups and has no dimples nor gives any signs that an implant has been inserted.

Through the incision, the gluteus maximus is lifted to create a large enough pocket for the implant to fit into. Once it is fitted, Dr. continues work on the other buttock and examines both sides carefully to make sure that the result is symmetric and natural-looking. Also read more about Rhinoplasty.

When a satisfied effect is achieved, the doctor closes the incisions with dissolvable stitches. The periphery of the buttocks is taped after surgery so the implants are held in position as the tissues heal. The patient will have to use an elastic dressing for 7 days after surgery, followed by the use of a lycra panties for 3 weeks.

After a buttocks augmentation, Dr. usually recommends a recovery period of at least 8 days that you will have to spend in Costa Rica. Keep in mind that the time you spend in the country can be expanded to your needs especially if you wish to go on a little vacation before having surgical treatment performed and take the opportunity to see some of our natural wonders.

Remember that the price of a buttocks augmentation via fat transfer or implants differs from patient to patient thus, an initial consultation with Dr. is essential before deciding if you will benefit from this plastic surgery.

  • Length of the procedure: 2hrs
  • Type of anesthesia: regional block or general
  • Clinic Staying: 1 nigh
  • Postopatative stay in Costa Rica: 12 to 15 days.

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